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Dealing with the government

There are times when you need a lawyer to help you navigate the system.

Taking cases to trial

We have valuable trial experience. When looking for a lawyer find out how many actual trials they have completed

Negotiations and settlement

We investigate and settle cases that should not otherwise go to trial


"Matthew Smith delivered beyond my expectations. He was very friendly, reliable, and professional throughout the whole process. He was also very understanding and took the time to explain everything very thoroughly. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of an attorney. He is very approachable and willing to help."

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About Us

Speaking Engagements

Sacramento County Bar Association Cannabis Symposium

‘Pot Class’ Helps Students Learn to Navigate Tricky Legal Mine Field

Speaker on current cannabis laws

When There is Legal Issue In Northern California We Want to Hear About Your Case

Giving my legal opinion on a case

"Husband of Slain Woman Held to Answer for Animal Cruelity"

Updating the press on the status of my clients case

Co Counsel & Association of Counsel

When we associate counsel you get the benefit of two seasoned lawyers on your case.