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We handle all criminal matters and select personal injury cases.

Stepping Up Committee

Matt has accepted a position on the stepping up committee. This means he will advocate for those struggling with mental health and legal matters.


" Matthew Smith delivered beyond my expectations. He was very friendly, reliable, and professional throughout the whole process. "

2018 Promotion

Call for a free evaluation to see if we can get your previous conviction dismissed or arrest cleared from you record

News Section

We are proud to announce that in 2018 we will be expanding our services to include cannabis licensing

Issue Of The Week

There is an uptick in drug DUI cases. Be advised your prescription pills can result in a DUI Investigation

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Links provided for informational purposes only always consult a lawyer.

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See your next court date and the status of your case.

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Request a redacted copy of your discovery. Be advised it is now illegal to post on social media any alleged criminal act.

Cannabis Issues

visit to learn about our cannabis work

North State Office

Located in Willows at the entrance to the Mendocino National Forrest.

Common Questions

Clients have questions, the court has answers.

Charges Dismissed

Two brothers were accused of stealing a trailer. We proved they did not know it was stolen. All charges were dismissed. 

Pre Trial Motion Granted

We willed a pre trial delay motion. The People reviewed the case law I cited and dismissed the case. 

Motion To Suppress

Mr. B was approached on the street and arrested and searched. I filed a motion and got the evidence thrown out. The People are appealing the court's decision.

Wrongful Death Case Settled

See the following link to read about the outcome of this case.

Out in the street

We don't hide behind our desks we have no problem meeting you anywhere.

At the court house

We are absolutely comfortable in the courtroom. Unlike other lawyers I call "dirty letter writers" I am a trial lawyer. 

In the office

With offices located throughout the North State we are here to professionally manage your legal affairs. 


In Northern California we have an established reputation for comment on important cases in the press.


When someone is facing a murder allegation other legal matters get more attention from the government.

Guest Speaker at the Cannabis Career Institute

Matt has always educated himself on emerging legal issues. He has taught at conferences regarding cannabis and firearm issues.